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Mobile Developer Survey – live

We ‘ve just launched a new survey for mobile application developers.

If you ‘ve programmed for BREW, S60, UIQ, Android, Windows Mobile, Java, Palm, Linux or Flash Lite, we want to hear what you have to say.


The survey spans across a wide range of topics, to gauge how mobile developers feel about IDE features, ease of debugging, emulator glitches, support forums, documentation & sample code available, application portability, pains of going to market and desirability of new features like scripting and POSIX support.

We have announced a prize draw for each developer who completes the survey – a $1,000 Amazon voucher, more than enough to get hold of a snazzy new phone to test your applications on!

The survey will run for four weeks (closing on Friday 27 June) and the $1,000 winner will be announced on Friday 4 July 2008.

Are you are a mobile application developer ? Love or hate your mobile OS ?

Have your SAY and a chance to win $1,000.

- Andreas

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  • http://www.dreamshare.ch/ Rene Brunner

    I was not able to take the survey neither with Opera nor with IE6 because the pages would not scroll. I had to resort to an old version of Firefox to get it working.

    Maybe a problem of my installation, but maybe a general problem that you might check.

  • http://visionmobile.com/blog Andreas Constantinou

    Hi Rene,

    Thanks very much for spotting the IE6 error on the survey – we 've just fixed this. Works on Opera/Win as well.


  • http://suresh-mobileweb.blogspot.com Suresh Kumar

    I love mobile OS, But I prefer PC OS . The reason is

    1) Speed

    2) High Storage Capacity

    3) Multi Tasking/ Multi Threading

    4) User convienece

    5) More security

    I like iphone Touch screen by apple. Now Microsoft is developing toch screen version for PC Market (Windows 7). we need to wait and see how that will catch the market.

  • Dipta Rakshit

    I am into developing java apps for symbian,windows mobile & rim OS. I sometimes hate developing apps for windows since it doesn't support JVM to host java applications. Have to do it through a third party JVM. Hence the performance drops down.But have to accept the fact that windows mobile dominate the PDA market and hence get to use the coolest features and widgets.

    The thing i hate about RIM is their IDE. Not so user friendly.

  • http://www.javatech.eu/mobile-software.html mobile software

    That survey helped me to think about all the mobile development I've made.


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