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[Infographic] Top 5 Handset OEMs 2001-2010

In the past 10 years, the handset OEMs landscape has changed dramatically.

Companies that seemed unshakable have lost ground and are gradually being replaced by new and agile contenders, borne from the PC industry. The ‘old OEM guard’ is still being driven by momentum, but as one-by-one these giants fall and smartphone adoption continues to accelerate, the battle for a spot in the top 5 leaderboard is getting more and more heated.

How has the landscape changed, you ask? Well, just take a look at our latest infographic:

Top 5 handset OEM

Feel free to copy the infographic and embed it in your website.

600 pixels wide version

760 pixels wide version

1000 pixels wide version

  • lovedale

    It is interesting to note that Nokia has maintained gargantuan leads over its nearest rival for the entire decade! Phenomenal!

  • tim deluca-smith

    Beautiful infographic!

  • choddo

    Pretty and the overall growth in this market is staggering, but personally I think it obscures two things; 1. Trends from year to year by manufacturer. 2. Revenue/profit. Nokia sell an awful lot of phones that keep the lines rolling but don't make any money. Whose shareholders are doing best out of this market?

  • visionmobile

    Thanks for the kind words

    We're actually planning on doing a separate infographic on revenues & profits – for now, check out slides 8-9 on our Megatrends presentation for more info on profits vs. volumes http://www.slideshare.net/andreasc/mobile-megatre

  • Mohan Ram

    Superb infographic! Thanks. Depicts the overall growth in the decade beautifully. Would love to see something similar from a product segment (smartphone, mid-end, low-end phone) and a regional (North America, Europe, Asia) perspective if possible – sure that would be insightful.

  • John Snow

    Very interesting article. Do you have the same data, but specific on smartphones? That would be really interesting!

  • Dr James Bayley

    I love your work and analysis but I really don't like this graphic. It is really difficult to understand what is going on. The graphics obscure the data rather than support it. I don't think it will be reused much.

    Many people think that "The visual display of quantitiative information" by Edward Tufte provides great guidence on how best to present this sort of data. You may wish to have a read of it and see where it takes you.

    keep up the good work.

  • It's particularly interesting to see the volume Nokia has built up, and how it has remained on top of the rest the past ten years, very revealing! Thank you for such a lovely insightful infographic, looking forward to something similar with revenue and profits mixed in.

  • Surprised Nokia is still up there as the market leader, surprising because I know that almost all my friends have smartphones (android or iphone). But then I'm a geek and so are my friends.

    Perhaps the secret behind it is the fact that nokia corners every section of the market from high end smartphones to £20 functional phones

  • Great info. I would love to see the "first derivative" equivalent of this chart – meaning the rate of change in market share. I bet it would look very different in the "Ai" period (After the iPhone), compared to the era before.

    Interesting to see RIM at number 4 given all its troubles. I think RIM's long term troubles are masked by short term success. Check out this post about how RIM is internally conflicted about its own business:


  • really amazing post, Beautiful infographic!
    thank you.

  • No surprise that Nokia has been out in front for many years and continues to sustain the momentum (mobile phones different market penetration than smartphones). Nice view of the numbers.

  • The Feature phone suppliers will be with us for some time with growth markets in Asia. Growth in handsets in places like India, Indonesia and China will ensure this. Perhaps we will see some lesser know suppliers hit the charts in the next year or two. Until Smartphones can be made cheaper (perhaps Nokia can do this with their manufacturing techniques) – I guess we will see.


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