Distilling market noise into market sense

VisionMobile is the leading research company in the app economy. Our Developer Economics research program tracks developer experiences across platforms, revenues, apps, tools, APIs, segments and regions, via the largest, most global developer surveys.

[Infographic] The Mobile Platform Race – How do mobile platforms stack up?

We’re proud to present our latest infographic, The Mobile Platform Race, showcasing some of the most important findings and insights from our Developer Economics 2011 report (free download here).

Developer Economics is the definitive report on mobile developers, apps and brands going mobile. Developer Economics was created by VisionMobile and sponsored by BlueVia. We hope you enjoy the infographic – and feel free to embed it in your own website. Comments welcome, as always.

Feel free to copy the infographic and embed it in your website.

Developer Economics 2011
600 pixels wide version

760 pixels wide version

1000 pixels wide version

  • Thanks for the great infographic. I would love to get some detail on your fragmentation stats. For example, the statement that 4% of developers are making more than 10 app versions for iOS begs the question: why?

  • Hi James – good question. The simple answer is because 4% of iOS developers who participated in our research said so 🙂
    I suspect this specific result has more to do with localisation and paid/free or other app variance, rather than platform fragmentation per se.

    Matos @ VisionMobile

  • Big cheers to the creative and analytics team of Vision Mobile, You guys have made a fantastic info-graphic !
    really appreciate the Race theme, with which you made non-analytic people understand the numbers.

  • Mark

    I always love your infographics. In this case, your data on Windows Phone is skewed by mixing it up with Windows Mobile. (2 completely different OS's and business models) None of the results you publish will be meaningful when they are mixed up. I blame Microsoft for their poor naming convention that confuses people but their errors have made your Microsoft data worthless.

    I also agree with James Barnes that the "fragmentation" data doesn't make sense. Likely because different develpoers interpreted the question in different ways. Android dev's think about OS versions, iOS dev's may think about language, etc.

  • Nelson Carta

    Excellent work. Thank you very much for Blueray and VisionMobile.

  • MobileTechAssnMI

    would love to post your infographic on our website but there appears to be a problem with your code. Have tried it on two different sites and can't get it to work on either. If you can identify an issue and supply us with code that will work, we would love to make sure our audience sees it. Please feel free to send revised code to info@GoMobileMichigan.org. Thanks!


Distilling market noise into market sense

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