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2011 Roundup: Top-10 articles from the VisionMobile blog

[As 2011 draws to a close, we’d like to present the top 10 articles published on our blog this year. The lineup includes two infographics and five research reports, with topics ranging from open source governance to the impact of HTML5 to the winners and losers of the platform race. So, enjoy these great articles, enjoy your holidays and see you next year!]

10. From MeeGo to Tizen: the making of another software bubble

Article by Dave Neary

Just a short 1.5 years from MeeGo’s birth, Intel dumps it to shift focus to a new platform, Tizen, in partnership with Samsung. Guest author Dave Neary discusses the underpinnings of Tizen and why both MeeGo and Tizen are software bubbles
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9. The death of Flash – 8 years in the making

Article by Francisco Kattan

Adobe’s decision to stop developing Flash for mobile browsers is the talk of the day – but the reasons behind Flash’s ultimate failure are not that obvious. Guest author Francisco Kattan discusses the chain of events that led to the death of Flash – a time bomb inadvertently planted by Adobe many years ago

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8. Developer Economics 2011 – Winners and losers in the platform race

Developer Economics 2011 – Winners and losers in the platform raceArticle by Matos Kapetanakis (based on Developer Economics 2011 report)

Who is leading in the platform race – and who’s lagging behind? Marketing Manager Matos Kapetanakis examines the flow of developer mindshare and discusses how success is measured in the app era – in part 1 of our 3-part blog series on our newly released Developer Economics 2011 report (free download here)

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7. [Infographic] The Mobile Platform Race – How do mobile platforms stack up?

[Infographic] The Mobile Platform Race – How do mobile platforms stack up?Infographic by Matos Kapetanakis

We’re proud to present our latest infographic, The Mobile Platform Race, showcasing some of the most important findings and insights from our Developer Economics 2011 report (free download here)

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 6. Mobile Platforms: The Clash of Ecosystems

Mobile Platforms: The Clash of EcosystemsArticle by Michael Vakulenko (based on The Clash of Ecosystems report)

We at VisionMobile have been researching and helping to educate the industry about mobile platforms for the last five years. In this time mobile software has evolved from the world of “open OS” to the world of complex ecosystems, network effects, app stores which are redefining the rules of telecom industry. Today we share much of this knowledge in our Mobile Platforms: The Clash of Ecosystems report – a critical analysis of major mobile platforms and their battle for dominance ( free download here)

5. HTML5 and what it means for the mobile industry

HTML5 and what it means for the mobile industryArticle by Andreas Constantinou [based on HTML5 and what it means for the mobile industry report]

HTML5 has been tipped to be a game-changer, with some predictiving it will take over most mobile platforms. But what is its real impact to the mobile industry? VisionMobile Research Director Andreas Constantinou evaluates HTML5 vs apps and what it means for the mobile industry as part of our newly released report (free copy here)

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4. Open Source community building: a guide to getting it right

Open Source community building: a guide to getting it right

Article by David Neary

Everyone – from carriers to OEMs – is busy building developer communities. But many have failed and more have seen disappointing results. Guest author Dave Neary looks at what lessons history can teach us on community building and the key DO’s and DON’Ts

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3. [Infographic] Top 5 Handset OEMs 2001-2010

[Infographic] Top 5 Handset OEMs 2001-2010

Infographic by Matos Kapetanakis

In the past 10 years, the handset manufacturer landscape has changed dramatically.

Companies that seemed unshakable have lost ground and are gradually being replaced by new and agile contenders, borne from the PC industry. The ‘old OEM guard’ is still being driven by momentum, but as one-by-one these giants fall and smartphone adoption continues to accelerate, the battle for a spot in the top 5 leaderboard is getting more and more heated. See full infographic…

2. A new way of measuring Openness, from Android to WebKit: The Open Governance Index

A new way of measuring Openness, from Android to WebKit: The Open Governance Index

Article by Liz Laffan (based on Open Governance Index report)

Much has been said about open source projects – and open source platforms are now powering an ever-increasing share of the mobile market. But what is “open” and how can you measure openness? As part of our new research report (free download), VisionMobile Research Partner Liz Laffan introduces the Open Governance Index – a new approach to measuring the “openness” of software projects, from Android to WebKit

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1. Mobile Megatrends 2011

Mobile Megatrends 2011

Article by Andreas Constantinou (based on Mobile Megatrends 2011 report)

In this fourth annual research presentation we take a deep dive into the many facets of change in the mobile industry; the DELL-ification of mobile, the battle for experience ecosystems, apps as web 3.0, the use of open + closed strategies to commodise + protect and how telcos can compete in the age of software. Read full article…

So, here they are – the top 10 articles on the VisionMobile blog for 2011. Next year we’ve got even better things planned, starting with our two big research reports that are on their way. The Cross-Platform Developer Tools report (out in Feb 2012) and our latest Developer Economics research (out June 2012). Sign up for our newsletter and stay up-to-speed with the latest news on our best blog articles and our latest research reports.


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