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To understand Internet of Things you need to understand Zenefits


Internet of Things is a buzzword in many board rooms in 2015. Enterprises from logistics to construction to healthcare, are seeing IoT as the source of data-driven cost savings and competitive advantage. For example allowing building operators to drastically save maintenance costs or allowing farms to have real-time insights that can systematically increase the yield of their crops. But there is a much bigger business model shift taking place. One that will cause traditional industry boundaries to collide and some to even collapse.

To understand how IoT will change the business world, you need to understand Zenefits.

The Commerce of Things

VM_95_1000You might be forgiven for thinking that Internet of Things stands for adding apps to a watch, or connecting a thermostat to the internet.

This is where IoT stands today. More broadly, IoT is about adding computing capabilities to a physical object, and allowing it to interact with the world around it. But this is only the beginning. As we argued earlier, IoT is fast escaping both Internet and Things. And it’s about to change e-Commerce in ways we never expected.

Developer Economics 2012 – Prize Draw Winners

Our Developer Economics 2012 survey has now closed and the prize draw winners have been announced:

$1,000 Amazon voucher
Glenn Stein, USA

New iPad
Jeff Bacon, Canada

Kindle Fire:
Marouan Omezzine, Tunisia

Thank you to all those that took part.

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