Distilling market noise into market sense

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What gets desktop developers out of bed in the morning?

desktop developer segmentation
Despite all the hype around the death of the PC and the enormous amount of media attention focused on mobile, cloud and IoT, the humble desktop is still the biggest part of the developer economy. There are more professional developers working on desktop applications than any other sector.

A proven model for targeting IoT developers

iot developer segmentation

What if you could identify a handful of developer personas, or segments, each with a very distinct set of needs and interests? What if on top of that set of developer personas you also had some guidance as to how to address each one of them, what to include in your outreach campaigns targeted at them in order to make them more effective?

1000 skills: Amazon Alexa as a metaphor for the IoT developer community

iot segmentation
Alexa is a centerpiece of Amazon’s Smart Home push, and quickly growing to become one of the most promising attempts at making a successful Smart Home hub, connecting all other devices around the house together. What’s more, Amazon has opened Alexa to developers, who can incorporate it in their own devices as well as add new functionality to the assistant, in the form of so-called Skills (services, integrations, or use cases).

Google’s Instant Apps is the power grab that ActiveX couldn’t make

instant apps
Instant Apps will succeed where ActiveX failed. Better compartmentalisation and centralised management will secure it, and users will appreciate it, but the real winner will be Google who squashes alternative app stores and outmanoeuvres alternative Android distributions, all in the interest of providing greater web-site functionality.

Developer Personas as a Revenue Growth Tool

developer personas revenue growthNike, Adidas and Under Armour have digitally opened up their fitness and athletics products. McCormick Foods and Campbells Soup have released flavor profile data. Walgreens digitized their photo printing and prescription filling order services. Philips released programmable lightbulbs. Edmunds transformed from a car classifieds site to a digital sales inventory and vehicle information service.

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