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VisionMobile is the leading research company in the app economy. Our Developer Economics research program tracks developer experiences across platforms, revenues, apps, tools, APIs, segments and regions, via the largest, most global developer surveys.

New report: Open source in the Internet of Things


open source in IoT


Open Source in the Internet of Things is our new report and part of IoT report series. 3,700 Internet of Things developers answered questions regarding this issue in our 10th edition Developer Economics survey :

  • How mainstream is open source in the Internet of Things? Is it just for hobbyists and idealists, or is there more to it than that?
  • Which developer demographics use it and why?
  • How can I make sense of the hundreds of open source, open hardware, and open data licenses that are out there?
  • Should your project be open or closed? How can you use open source to achieve commercial success?

The report provides developer program managers with objective data-backed insights on the use of open source technology by IoT developers and helps them to manage its use in their projects. Find out more about the key questions that this report answers.

VisionMobile at Webit.Festival Europe

VisionMobile’s CEO, Andreas Constantinou will be speaking at the Webit.Festival in Sofia on April 20. He’ll be discussing “The Era of Developers as Business Model Extenders”

Digital incumbents from Amazon to Xiaomi are redefining globalisation using ecosystems, business models, and products that break industry boundaries.

Andreas Constantinou will explain how these incumbents rely on developers to extend products and business models across industries, from communications to insurance.

New report: Cloud and Desktop Developer Landscape

We recently published our new report “Cloud and Desktop Developer Landscape”. We extracted data from our 9th edition Developer Economics survey, which reached over 13,500 respondents from 149+ countries, tracking developer experiences across platforms, revenues, apps, languages, tools, APIs, segments and regions. Find out more about what applications cloud and desktop developers are creating and how they are creating them.

[Free Report] Global trends in Android use

We just recently partnered with mobile-markter Celltick to produce our latest free report – Global Trends in Android Use. Our collaboration with Celltick taps into Android handset usage data from around the world. The report’s data shows how handsets from different manufacturers are used differently, and how regional variations in Android deployments are impacting the success of both software and services. This report examines how often users glance at their Android screens, which applications they have installed, and what networks they’re using to keep them connected. Click here to download Global Trends in Android Use.

National Trends Survey – Winners

Welcome to the full rundown of this year’s National Trends Survey prize-draw winners which was held between October & December. Below you’ll find a table comprised of both the email addresses and countries of all the people that won (the emails are obfuscated for security reasons).

Winners have already been notified by email – if you recognise the email fragment as yours and we haven’t contacted you, please drop us an email at survey [at] visionmobile.com.

Stay tuned for the key survey results which will be available as a report in February.

Here are the National Trends Survey prize-draw winners broken down into two sections: one for prizes available to all participants and one for exclusive prizes available only to members of our panel.

All Participants

Email Prize Country
sn*en*e@gmail.com iPhone 6S (64GB) France
r*bb*s****n@wp.pl Sony Xperia Z5 Poland
va***.va*yl***@outlook.com MS Surface tablet Taiwan
17**8*@bk.ru MS Surface tablet Russia
*c@**ny.org MS Surface tablet United States
A*laa*@gmail.com BlackBerry Passport – Factory Unlocked (32GB) Russia
andy*c*t*im**e*@gmail.com Lumia 635 United States
p*tm*@ea.com Lumia 635 India
m*rt*n.f**nc*sty@barclays.com Lumia 635 Switzerland
a*ry**gg*p*tra@gmail.com Lumia 635 Indonesia
rad*a***nx@yandex.ru Aquaris E5 Ubuntu Edition Smartphone Russia
le**k9**@mail.ru Bellabeat Silver LEAF Russia
I*hs*n*z**e@gmail.com Nexus Player Indonesia
me@k***n-re*d.com Nexus Player Germany
ches**lej*nr@gmail.com Nexus Player Philippines
bv*lk*s@gmail.com Nexus Player Greece
co*n**j**13@gmail.com Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition Quadricopter United States
V**la*a*e*@gmail.com Google OnHub Mexico
gm*gam**@gmail.com Amazon Echo United States
pla***ol*e*@eternalwings.de Ubuntu Rasberry Pi 2 Matchbox Edition Germany
Lee.****a*@mobileleverage.com Tessel 2 United States
sat*a*g@gmail.com Tessel 2 Canada
*i*tay2*@outlook.com Tessel 2 Poland
ro**n*ad*@gmail.com Amazon Voucher ($300 USD) Brazil
c***i**s*all*w@gmail.com O’Reilly book or video of choice (up to $100 USD) United States
p***k*mi90@gmail.com Udemy.com course of choice (up to $150 USD) Vietnam
dev-***v**s@verdonet.org.uk Pass to PG Connects 2016 Conference United Kingdom
m**ti*.u**i**@outlook.com Urban Ears Plattan Headset Colombia
x*c@digital*leg***s.com Urban Ears Plattan Headset Spain
z*nkpla**0**@gmail.com Vinli Developer Kit South Africa
k**ng1*j*n@naver.com Vinli Developer Kit Korea, South


Panel Members

Email Prize Country
e**br*@gmail.com Nexus 6 Canada
Dap**to*@misena.edu.co Nexus 6 Colombia
a_s*e*m**@outlook.com Nexus 6 Ukraine
p***un09@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Korea, South
cak.***ir**@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Indonesia
han***yr@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Brazil
n*tta***l*m*@timetoknow.com 10USD Amazon Israel
eng***ges*l**@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Egypt
er**@rombokas.com 10USD Amazon United States
r*cardo.c****a@cavasoftware.com 10USD Amazon Mexico
cplo**k@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Indonesia
m*dr**je*s*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Mexico
a*dreha***a*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Indonesia
h*mm*@splitanatom.com 10USD Amazon United Kingdom
n*le*h*i***5@gmail.com 10USD Amazon India
p*as*****a**san*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon India
wp**nte*@intergrupo.com 10USD Amazon Colombia
s*os*o*4@nate.com 10USD Amazon Korea, South
c*j*n*90@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Korea, South
iy*ma@diary.ocn.ne.jp 10USD Amazon Japan
j****er*r@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Indonesia
erla*.*k**b*kovic*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Kyrgyzstan
ma*c**@skotnicki.info 10USD Amazon Poland
ga**r*it**@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Israel
g*t***oran**@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Brazil
rapi*tec*****@gmail.com 10USD Amazon United States
ak*ari.m**ih@hotmail.com 10USD Amazon Iran
ryu**@me.com 10USD Amazon United States
na*a**a**p@hotmail.com 10USD Amazon Mexico
ke***od**r@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Bahamas
r*c*i@ntworld.com 10USD Amazon United Kingdom
r***i**.**acid*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Brazil
dan**l**ve@hotmail.com 10USD Amazon Spain
kh**r**10**6@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Indonesia
me*o*0_lim*a**@hotmail.it 10USD Amazon Italy
bruce*ga**s@msn.com 10USD Amazon Netherlands
sure**p**il*3*3@gmail.com 10USD Amazon India
a*b**th@gmail.com 10USD Amazon United States
w*e*lan**kw@gmail.com 10USD Amazon United States
jo*hs**gl@gmail.com 10USD Amazon United States
s*va**@speccy.su 10USD Amazon Russia
duc*9*5h*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Vietnam
j*cek**ary**o*sk*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Poland
m****honna@fico.com 10USD Amazon India
pa**al**s*e*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon France
bu*ky*u*s@gmail.com 10USD Amazon United States
al**fr*m*k*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Russia
m*r*i**imot**@students.jkuat.ac.ke 10USD Amazon Kenya
v*ki**k*s*1@gmail.com 10USD Amazon India
m*@sumonselim.com 10USD Amazon Bangladesh
oh*oit*p***er@gmail.com 10USD Amazon India
l**ar***a.*u*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Bolivia
c**e*@cookingwiththecooks.net 10USD Amazon United States
Gili***@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Israel
Co*sult****le*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon United States
d*zmi*at**@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Belgium
b**n*c***ive@gmail.com 10USD Amazon United States
chuc**il**32@gmail.com 10USD Amazon United States
m*ke*ca*u*a**2@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Philippines
s**y*o**@yahoo.com 10USD Amazon Indonesia
a*andew****7*8@students.ccsnh.edu 10USD Amazon United States
y*u***@o2.pl 10USD Amazon Poland
a**n*ri@gmail.com 10USD Amazon South Africa
paglub*g**a*a*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Philippines
j*ls**i**ova@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Ukraine
nea*v*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon United States
P*u**j**r*y@gmail.com 10USD Amazon United States
S*a*e.*5@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Indonesia
che***ne.*hi*o*@live.com 10USD Amazon Mauritius
a***gr*r@naver.com 10USD Amazon Korea, South
g*y**1@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Kenya
D**k*p*t*_*ollo*er@live.com 10USD Amazon Qatar
kara****i*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon South Africa
i*no*h*nus@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Canada
c*n*a**@gabrielamendesp.com.br 10USD Amazon Brazil
h*nhv*fp*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Vietnam
t*ar***@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Indonesia
P**sk*@unitybox.de 10USD Amazon Germany
m**m*rat@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Russia
va***a*a*hing**n@aol.com 10USD Amazon United States
e**u**y2*1*@outlook.com 10USD Amazon Canada
da*i**m**aba@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Kenya
su**etvi*h9*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon India
ji*****a*o*13@gmail.com 10USD Amazon India
o*u*a*e*no**b**i**ph*n@yahoo.com 10USD Amazon Nigeria
c****ha**2010@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Vietnam
saiakhil2***@yahoo.com 10USD Amazon India
ko*i**.mor**s@gmail.com 10USD Amazon United States
za*e@scarecrow.co.za 10USD Amazon South Africa
d**p*kpa*.90*6@gmail.com 10USD Amazon India
j**oga*riel**iv**r**@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Brazil
sa*d_c**w*i@hotmail.com 10USD Amazon Morocco
l**u**@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Malaysia
in**an*@pureappslab.com 10USD Amazon India
nguy****en*x@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Vietnam
g*lu**yste*y8*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Zambia
k*ni*o*@hotmail.com 10USD Amazon Japan
a**s*ia@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Israel
mad*e*af**@live.com 10USD Amazon Indonesia
latu*o*.***@zoho.com 10USD Amazon United States
bi***c**baciogl*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Turkey
u*am***h**4*0@hotmail.com 10USD Amazon Pakistan
m**mou078*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Algeria
R*y**even*@outlook.com 10USD Amazon United States
a**u*ia*o.*a***n@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Mexico
n*c*las**s**t**@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Belgium
mi*e@27cubes.com 10USD Amazon United States
C*r**r*e*d@aol.com 10USD Amazon United States
f**ipe*se**a@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Brazil
g*eg*i*e.***as@hotmail.fr 10USD Amazon France
ani*ingh**0*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon India
c*ig*an***02@gmail.com 10USD Amazon China
n*d**ap*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Hungary
pa*ado*o**ou.***ysa@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Greece
SA*A*A*CA***IZ@LIVE.COM 10USD Amazon Colombia
bol****@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Greece
ste**@stevelack.com 10USD Amazon United States
g*alon**7@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Honduras
a*an*sh*rma****@gmail.com 10USD Amazon India
ra***r*jp*z@hotmail.com 10USD Amazon India
D**a**devel**men*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Belgium
ee.*h*a**@live.com 10USD Amazon Philippines
d*lson****@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Brazil
c*o*g**5**8@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Vietnam
h*****lin*@gmx.net 10USD Amazon Germany
rc***c@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Australia
g*eg**yf*n*e*ele@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Brazil
s*ac*b*un***12@gmail.com 10USD Amazon United States
k***leck*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Poland
yu*s**@mayet.me 10USD Amazon South Africa
f*is1*-***@mybac.ac.bw 10USD Amazon Botswana
p*n*ic@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Greece
e**.a.saar*n**@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Finland
za***iaalhab*a*@yahoo.com 10USD Amazon United States
a**e@atsevw.com 10USD Amazon Costa Rica
js*r*an@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Philippines
ya*h**a*r*5*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon India
Ar***m*ol*i*mao@gmail.com 10USD Amazon China
lud**i*.p**t@epitech.eu 10USD Amazon Luxembourg
l**hfa***t*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Indonesia
s*anm****ubraman*a*@live.com 10USD Amazon India
jk***417@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Taiwan
al**sand*o*be*ed*tt***@dighentis.com 10USD Amazon Italy
j**i*t@yesindied.com 10USD Amazon Hungary
se*gi**lo****@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Argentina
da*m*d*0@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Indonesia
an*l_k_bh*r*wa*@hotmail.com 10USD Amazon India
swa**y**5@hotmail.com 10USD Amazon Canada
c***g@tokenlogic.com 10USD Amazon United Kingdom
cho*r**in2*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Indonesia
Ja**i***rtin@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Canada
hen*i.*ah*o*e*@inpulse.fi 10USD Amazon Finland
edwi**la**@ontario.ca 10USD Amazon Canada
va***ndum*s@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Australia
cann***@fireantproductions.com 10USD Amazon United States
e*w*r*@edward-designer.com 10USD Amazon Hong Kong
am**as***a88@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Singapore
Dol*hi*sl**@gmail.com 10USD Amazon United States
l*@mgs.me 10USD Amazon United States
Q**ol*a*g8*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Singapore
k**th***venka**p@hotmail.com 10USD Amazon India
ni**i*pate*1230*@live.com 10USD Amazon India
ne*ca*em*x@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Spain
mi*a*tz*dh@hotmail.com 10USD Amazon Portugal
e*ik@elysiumware.com 10USD Amazon Canada
vp**b**en@gmail.com 10USD Amazon India
kiu***s.*be*i**@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Canada
an**zej*****wko@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Poland
k*n*l**erm*@live.in 10USD Amazon United States
ta*ls*@mobileadvalley.com 10USD Amazon Malaysia
ke**n*a**il*an***12@mhsw.pnj.ac.id 10USD Amazon Indonesia
mrq**os@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Russia
m**a*e**ii*@outlook.com 10USD Amazon Egypt
jp*i**on@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Venezuela
al*x*mok*us*in@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Russia
hoo*y**@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Poland
ne***bha**e@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Finland
d.**et*hu@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Vietnam
so**o**@gmail.com 10USD Amazon India
vi*io*mo**le@wastedtimes.net 10USD Amazon United Kingdom
igo*.m***ov.wo**@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Ukraine
dou****.brso*t*a**@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Brazil
d.h***c*i.117@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Japan
l*nna*i*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Kenya
pe**-tol*kon*ik*@rambler.ru 10USD Amazon Uganda
ra*e@shastrakar.com 10USD Amazon India
l*u*un**a@yahoo.com 10USD Amazon Vietnam
ja****av.**oma**d*v**o@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Czech Republic
S*rg*e*ko@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Kyrgyzstan
r*nato.s****@live.com 10USD Amazon Brazil
n**b**no*i@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Korea, South
b*sh*m*n*l@yahoo.com 10USD Amazon United States
paint****er**ex0*@yahoo.com 10USD Amazon United States
es**b*n@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Mexico
O**n**angake@yahoo.com 10USD Amazon Nigeria
l**quo**n*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Vietnam
k*h*han*a*c**a*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Singapore
isa**i*@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Japan
b*st1*****s@outlook.com 10USD Amazon United States
d**i*l@ghostpattern.com 10USD Amazon United States
a****dinm*hm@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Indonesia
b**ano*sk*wi**k@gmail.com 10USD Amazon Poland
v*ct***an*el1***@yahoo.com 10USD Amazon Spain
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