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VisionMobile is the leading research company in the app economy. Our Developer Economics research program tracks developer experiences across platforms, revenues, apps, tools, APIs, segments and regions, via the largest, most global developer surveys.

Droidcon is back in Tel Aviv!

The world’s largest Droid conference is back in sun&fun Israel! Two days in Tel Aviv gets you next to some of the best thought leaders, experts, and evangelists from the Android world. Our Strategy Director Michael Vakulenko will also be there, dropping the latest on smartphone strategy & competition. Get your sneak peek into new technologies/industry knowledge by registering below!


Developer Economics 9th Edition Survey out now

VisionMobile just launched the 9th edition of the Developer Economics survey. This time around, our survey tracks sentiment not only from mobile developers, but also from desktop, Iot, and Cloud as well. The duration is 5 weeks, and we’ll be closing in early June. The key findings from the survey will be available as the free State of the Developer Nation Report in late July. If you’re a developer, then help give back to the community by contributing to our research.

VisionMobile at the Athens Apps Awards 2015

VisionMobile – and more specifically, our CEO and Founder, Andreas Constantinou, will be among the judges at the Apps Awards 2015. It’s the biggest apps awards event in Greece and it’s being held in Athens on April 2.
App submissions are open until March 16, so if you want to get your app noticed by Media and investors, best hurry up!

Just published the new State of the Developer Nation report

We’re happy to announce the publication of the latest State of the Developer Nation report for Q1 2015 – this is the 8th edition and it’s based on a survey of 8,000+ app mobile and IoT app developers. The report features all the latest trends in mobile and IoT development, including platform and language prioritisation, revenues and revenue models, tool adoption and more. It also examines the rise of Swift, the most popular IoT markets, enterprise vs. consumer apps, as well as presenting the most important sources for developer monetisation.

Download the report here – it’s a free download!

New Segmentation report just out

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new Developer Segmentation report!

What’s new: On top of comparing and profiling segments, our new report also examines the evolution of developer segments and what that implies for the future of the app economy and the mix of the developer population. We also discuss where developers turn for guidance and therefore where to find them and how to engage them. We examine shifts in the behaviour and success perceptions of all segments, comparing 2014 and 2013 trends. Finally, we also present the key features of new developers making the transition into mobile and their influence on future trends.

The report is available for purchase here: http://vmob.me/DS3Q14WN

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