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How We Learned to Built Hardware, the Agile way


I ‘m part of a hardware research group at Telefónica Digital called “Physical Internet Lab”. Three years ago we started a small group under the Emerging Technologies area of the company focusing on the Internet of Things. The commitment of the group was (and is), in ambitious terms, “to democratize the Internet of Things” opening it to as many makers, developers and users as possible.

We wanted to work at the crossroads of the Internet, the Things and the People. But our development skills were almost 100% software related. In the process we built a team skilled on all three sides. And we figured out how to do agile hardware.

Facebook buys back over 100B monthly engagement minutes it lost to Whatsapp


Facebook will live or die by user engagement, especially on mobile. Whatsapp sends 18 billion and receives 36 billion messages a day. Let’s say it takes about 7 seconds to send a message and 3 seconds to read a message. This is based on watching how my teenage kids use Whatsapp texting and sending pictures. The math is simple…

Flappy Bird vs Angry Birds – a tale of Hobbyists and Hunters

Here are the stories of two successful birds on the app store. See if you can spot the difference.

Angry Birds vs. Flappy Bird_500px

Flappy Bird was a mobile game developed by Dong Nguyen, a Vietnamese indie game developer, in a few evenings after work. He launched the game in May 2013, but only 7 months later (in January) did it unexpectedly gain immense traction. It reached the top of the US charts, and Nguyen was reportedly earning about $50,000 per day from ads. He couldn’t cope with the pressure and abusive comments however, saying it “ruined his simple life”, and removed the game from the app store on February 10th.

Developer Economics: Ecosystem wars drawing to a close

Welcome to the brand new Developer Economics report! Now in its fourth year and 6th edition, the latest Developer Economics survey reached over 7,000+ developers across 127 countries, setting new standards in developer research.


Get your free copy here and read about the movers and shakers in the app economy. Dive deep into our rich dataset and discover how developers select and prioritise platforms, which developer tools they use and how their choices translate to revenues.

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Will China take the lead in IoT?

In our June 2013 paper “The M2M Ecosystem Recipe” we argued that the Internet of Things is ready for a broad developer ecosystem. We may have finally found a promising candidate in an unexpected corner of the world (or perhaps not): China. Stijn Schuermans investigates how the open hardware platform alliance of Baidu and JingDong stacks up against our 3 control point model. Is there reason to be bullish on this initiative?

Will China take the lead in IoT?

The Internet of Things is ready for a broad developer ecosystem. That was the key message of our June 2013 paper “The M2M Ecosystem Recipe”. Since then, we’ve been on the lookout for an IoT platform that covers all three crucial ingredients that are necessary for the ecosystem to take off: service creation, service distribution and service consumption. We may have finally found one, and in an unexpected corner of the world (or perhaps not): China.

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