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Surviving Disruption: An Innovation Toolbox for Reinventing the Telco

[Today in association with Ericsson we are publishing a discussion paper, the Telco Innovation Toolbox. The paper introduces novel economic thinking that is the result of over 2 years of research of ecosystem economics and telco disruption and is available for free download. The paper introduces ten economics and strategy frameworks that will help operators to accelerate their “digital” strategies, make the right innovation investments and avoid costly mistakes.]

The topic of telco disruption brought upon by over-the-top (OTT) players is high on telecom industry agenda. However few realize that telcos are being disrupted because the basis of competition in mobile has fundamentally changed. It has changed from “reliability and scale of networks” to “choice and flexibility of services”, driven by the transition from “mobile telephony” to “mobile computing”. The change is fundamental and irreversible.

Business model polarity: a win-win proposition for telcos and developers

There’s 10s of telco programs targeting developers. But they all lack commercial traction. Isn’t it about time for telcos to question their approach? Guest author Jose Valles argues for a ‘polarity change’ in the telco business model and discusses the need to rethink the telcos’ relationship with developers

The Future of Voice

[Is telco voice innovation dead? Or will smartphones and LTE deliver a much wider breadth of voice applications? Guest author Dean Bubley argues that ‘voice’ is about to experience several discontinuities as it goes beyond  our limited notion of ‘telephony’.] Telecom operators are facing a huge problem: in developed markets, we are close to the…

Connect, Interact, Transact: How mobile operators can bridge the communications gap

[As mobile operators compete with the over the top players (Skype, Google and Facebook), many question whether operators have a real value to add besides a pipe. This is the playbook of Martin Geddes, a recognized thought leader who has held positions at companies including U.S. mobile operator Sprint and UK incumbent operator BT. As…

The Android UI Dilemma: Unify or Differentiate?

[The UI of Android mobile devices is at the epicenter of a conflict between Google and the OEM struggle for differentiation. Guest author Ben Hookway analyses why Google’s UI strategy will be paramount to its proliferation as Android moves to multiple screens] The topic of User Interfaces always solicits strong views. It’s a bit like…

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