Distilling market noise into market sense

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The Mediatek Phenomenon: the new smartphone disruption

[The next smartphone disruption comes not from the power struggle between Apple, Google and Amazon, but from silicon. Guest author Jay Goldberg analyses the Mediatek phenomenon and discusses how the smartphone power basis is moving further down the stack]

The ‘platformisation’ of basebands

The word “platform” gets used often in the mobile business. It is a heavily loaded term, which gets thrown around a lot, up there with ‘cloud’ and ‘open’ in terms of repeated, overused terms. Despite this linguistic abuse, there is still a lot of value in having an actual platform. Businesses seek to build platforms to create some form of lock-in. Use one platform and it can become hard to move off it, creating repeat business for its owner. A platform can block out competitors, bind customers in and create valuable partnership opportunities.

Waking the Dragon: The Rise of Android in China

[Android is leading the smartphone revolution in Western Markets. But what about China, the country with the biggest mobile user base? Guest author Hong Wu analyses the state of Android in China – from chipset vendors to software developers – and how the dragon is waking up.] The article is also available in Chinese. HuaQiang…

The Wintel future for mobile: a wake up call for network operators

[The PC-esque commodisation of the mobile industry has been prophesied many times before, but never before has it become so lucidly clear. Research Director Andreas Constantinou uncovers the dynamics of the mobile industry that will lead to a Wintel future, and the impending disruption to the network business model] We ‘ve all heard this before….

Demolition Derby in Devices: The roller-coaster ride is on

[The economic realities will lead to a roller-coaster ride that will shake up the mobile industry. Guest blogger Richard Kramer talks about the impending price war, the implications for industry growth, and how this will alter the landscape of device vendors in the next decade] With all the discussion of technology trends on the blogosphere, there…