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VisionMobile is the leading research company in the app economy. Our Developer Economics research program tracks developer experiences across platforms, revenues, apps, tools, APIs, segments and regions, via the largest, most global developer surveys.

5+1 ways to attract Internet of Things developers

With so much buzz around the Internet of Things, many are wondering what will be the platform on which the IoT ecosystem will be built. Stijn Schuermans reviews several interesting developments in IoT hardware modules that make getting ‘Things’ done a breeze, and adds some question marks with the widespread focus on devices.

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Five years ago, at the onset of the smartphone revolution, no-one predicted a significant latent demand for apps such as flashlights or “Draw Something”. And who would have thought that a game like Angry Birds could create billions of dollars in value; not just for the publisher, Rovio, but also for Apple as the platform owner?

[Infographic] Developer Economics 2013: Dev tools are the foundation of the app economy

We’d like to present our latest infographic, based on the latest Developer Economics report – themed around developer tools. This infographic presents some of the key findings from the published report (which is available for download here). 72% of developers use Android, 56% use iOS – HTML is the third most popular choice among mobile developers,…

Monetising apps: Lessons from the music industry

[VisionMobile analyst Stijn Schuermans muses about the similarities between the app economy and other businesses like FMCGs and music. What can app makers learn from other industries and how can these lessons help developers monetising apps?]

In a recent post on our newly launched Developer Economics portal with facts and insights for app developers – build.developereconomics.com – colleague Mark Wilcox likened the app economy to a retail business:
In the early days of relatively empty app stores, simply launching a good product was often sufficient to get noticed and soar up the store charts. However, as with any fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) business, the value within apps has shifted from the contents (the functionality) to the packaging (the user experience) and marketing.

[Infographic] The Mobile Platform Race – How do mobile platforms stack up?

We’re proud to present our latest infographic, The Mobile Platform Race, showcasing some of the most important findings and insights from our Developer Economics 2011 report (free download here). Developer Economics is the definitive report on mobile developers, apps and brands going mobile. Developer Economics was created by VisionMobile and sponsored by BlueVia. We hope…

The Guide to Building Developer Communities

[Developers are currently the hottest property in the mobile industry. Tens of developer programs have sprung up, aiming to woo developers.  However, besides Apple, Google and perhaps Microsoft, other developer programs have had at best a lukewarm response. Guest author Gyanee Dewnarain investigates what makes developers tick and the faux-pas to avoid.] Have you been…

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