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Dr. Google and Mr. Android

[Google announced changes to Android management last week. With around 500 million current users now, the mobile operating systems seems set on its course of reaching 1 billion users by later next year. Android still has many troubles though including fragmentation, rising security concerns, ambivalence in its relationship with hardware partners and ongoing developer monetization issues.  Sheer numbers may wash away these problems, but many questions remain.]

Last week important news came out of Android. Andy Rubin who had founded the company and later ran it after the acquisition by Google announced that he was moving on to unspecified new projects within Google.  The company had very little to say on the matter beyond that, and the void was filled with speculation. Google made several other changes to management and products last week. The company provided a lot more background on these and they quickly took up the headlines.

Ecosystem engineering and the modular telco

Just before the end of 2012 in association with Ericsson we published Telco Innovation Toolbox paper. It introduces ten economics and strategy frameworks that will help operators to accelerate their “digital” strategies, make the right innovation investments and avoid costly mistakes. The first two chapters of the paper were published last week on our blog. Today we are publishing “Ecosystem Engineering” and “The modular telco” chapters.

“Asymmetric business models” and “The true value of innovation and the cost of doing nothing” will follow next week.  The list of chapters can be found here.

Flatten, Expand, Mine: The three pillars of Google’s strategy

[Google’s strategy is all about ads, not selling services. Business Analyst Stijn Schuermans examines Google’s three-pronged strategy for making money and the key drivers for the company’s success] Is Google a technology company? Well, sort of. Despite its geeky, engineering-driven reputation, Google is in the first place an advertisement business, as an overwhelming 96% of…

The Android UI Dilemma: Unify or Differentiate?

[The UI of Android mobile devices is at the epicenter of a conflict between Google and the OEM struggle for differentiation. Guest author Ben Hookway analyses why Google’s UI strategy will be paramount to its proliferation as Android moves to multiple screens] The topic of User Interfaces always solicits strong views. It’s a bit like…

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