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VisionMobile is the leading research company in the app economy. Our Developer Economics research program tracks developer experiences across platforms, revenues, apps, tools, APIs, segments and regions, via the largest, most global developer surveys.

Developer Economics 2012 – The new app economy

[The latest Developer Economics report is now live – this is the third in the report series that set the standard for developer research and focuses on five main areas: The redefinition of mobile ecosystems, Developer segmentation, Revenues vs. costs in the mobile economy, App marketing and distribution and Regional supply vs. demand of apps. Developer Economics 2012 is available for free download at www.DeveloperEconomics.com, thanks to the sponsorship by BlueVia!]

Here’s just a sample of the key insights and graphs from the report – download the full report for more!

– The new pyramid of handset maker competition. In the new pyramid of handset maker competition, Apple leads innovators, Samsung leads fast-followers, ZTE leads assemblers and Nokia leads the feature phone market. Apple has seized almost three quarters of industry profits by delivering unique product experiences and tightly integrating hardware, software, services and design. Samsung ranks second to Apple in total industry profits. As a fast follower, its recipe for success is to reach market first with each new Android release. It produces its own chipsets and screens – the two most expensive components in the hardware stack – ensuring both profits and first-to-market component availability.

The Future of Voice

[Is telco voice innovation dead? Or will smartphones and LTE deliver a much wider breadth of voice applications? Guest author Dean Bubley argues that ‘voice’ is about to experience several discontinuities as it goes beyond  our limited notion of ‘telephony’.] Telecom operators are facing a huge problem: in developed markets, we are close to the…

[Infographic] Top 5 Handset OEMs 2001-2010

In the past 10 years, the handset OEMs landscape has changed dramatically. Companies that seemed unshakable have lost ground and are gradually being replaced by new and agile contenders, borne from the PC industry. The ‘old OEM guard’ is still being driven by momentum, but as one-by-one these giants fall and smartphone adoption continues to…

Enter the Cloud Phone

[With the adoption of SaaS applications, augmented reality, visual recognition and other next-gen phone apps, the smartphone processing model is looking for help from the Cloud. Guest author Vish Nandlall introduces the concept of the Cloud Phone and the technology advances that can make this happen] Are smartphones converging with laptops ? While smartphones enable…

The many faces of Android fragmentation

[Android fragmentation is only getting started. Research Director Andreas Constantinou breaks down the 3 dimensions of Android fragmentation and argues how Android will become a victim of its own success] The article is also available in Chinese. There’s been plenty of talk of Android fragmentation, but little analysis of its meaning and impacts. As far as…

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