IoT Megatrends 2016

Six key trends in the IoT developer economy

December 2015

IoT Megatrends 2016

Six key trends in the IoT developer economy

December 2015

Developers are a driving force in every industry and a critical source of competitive advantage. Every company should master developer ecosystem skills. IoT Megatrends 2016 sheds light on the state of the art in the IoT developer economy, distilling the major data points and insights from our research into six important trends in IoT.

What you’ll learn from this report:

  1. The four ways that developers can extend your business
  2. How in the Smart Home, conversation platforms are challenging the central position of developers and hub vendors alike.
  3. How fashion brands will compete with digital identity, and wearable developers with data.
  4. How the innovation focus in Connected Cars is shifting from the dashboard to vehicle data, and in the future to data-driven transportation platforms.
  5. Why consumer and not enterprise technology will be the foundation for future IoT innovation.
  6. How devices will be used as distribution channels for industrial services, e-commerce, and insurance.


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