Market Sonar

...deep insights into the mobile app economy

April 2013

Market Sonar

...deep insights into the mobile app economy

April 2013

Market Sonar is a customisable reporting service, based on Big Data from all major app stores. We deliver monthly, quarterly or ad hoc reports with actionable insights, derived from mining millions of raw app store data. Market Sonar is a scalable service, covering the global app economy or just the one local market of interest to you. Unlike the usual top-app lists, our service identifies and tracks emerging trends in the developer ecosystem, analysing the driving forces behind them.

Market Sonar can help you with:

  • Publisher lead generation – to onboard the right publishers
  • Ecosystem benchmarking – to map your competitive landscape
  • Local market entry – to jump-start in a local market

Market Sonar is a customisable service. Contact us for more info.

Market Sonar - Lead Generation

Market Sonar – Lead Generation

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This module allows you to identify and onboard the right app publishers, both on a global and local level. As opposed to the played-out top app lists, our service helps you scout the under-the-radar, consistently successful publishers from the middle of the distribution, who generate a steady revenue stream.

Market Sonar - Ecosystem Benchmarking

Market Sonar – Ecosystem Benchmarking

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This module provides you with a competitive ecosystem map, that allows you to benchmark your app portfolio. Market Sonar does not just present a sum of market figures, but helps you discover untapped opportunities in local markets, as well as highlights the latest global trends.

Market Sonar - Geo Location

Market Sonar – Local Market Entry

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This module provides you with a ‘starters kit’ for entering new markets, helping you understand regional price tolerance and revenue models. ‘Local market entry’ examines the optimal equilibrium between local, global and localised content within each region, allowing you to optimise your mix and find out which types of apps if localised would boost demand and revenues.


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