Mobile Insider

...the insider view of the mobile market

October 2012

Mobile Insider

...the insider view of the mobile market

October 2012

Mobile Insider is a monthly publication that examines under-the-radar and forward-looking trends in mobile. Each issue focuses on a specific topic distilling the insights in an easy-to-digest 5-page format. The reports offer a fresh and thought-leading perspective on the key mobile industry trends, looking at them through the lens of modern economic and strategic frameworks.

Mobile Insider reports are available for free to VisionMobile clients on publication. Older issues of the reports become available for free download to all interested parties after two months. Click on each issue to download the relevant pdf or read them on our blog

List of publications

VisionMobile Mobile Insider - M2M Ecosystem Engineer - part 2

December 2012

M2M Ecosystem Engineering – part 2 – Profit

(download the report)

Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is high on the telco agenda. In this, second part, of the M2M report series we’ll examine how one can benefit maximally from such an M2M ecosystem once it is established

VisionMobile Mobile Insider - M2M Ecosystem Engineer - part 1

December 2012

M2M Ecosystem Engineering – part 1 – Growth

(download the report)

In this 2-part series on M2M ecosystem engineering, we apply lessons learned from the emergence of app ecosystems that could make M2M both scalable and highly profitable. In the first part we’ll outline the opportunity to turn M2M into a vibrant ecosystem driving exponential growth

VisionMobile Mobile Insider - The Telco Complement

September 2012

The Telco Complement

(download the report)

Telcos are facing asymmetric competition on all three levels of their business: distribution, connectivity and services. Platform and over-the-top players are not out to replace telcos. Instead they use telco services as complements, subsidizing or commoditizing them in order to drive the core OTT business.

VisionMobile Mobile Insider - The Xiaomi Tribe

August 2012

The Xiaomi Tribe

(download the report)

Xiaomi, the Chinese handset maker, achieved impressive first year sales in a fierce handset market by innovating in supply chain management, sales channel, batch selling and combining hardware with software, services and accessories.

VisionMobile Mobile Insider - The MVNO Innovation Factory copy

July 2012

The MVNO Innovation Factory

(download the report)

In this edition of Mobile Insider, we apply our Telco Toolbox on a common business model, that of the MVNO. We show how MVNOs can be used as marketing innovation vehicles that enable broad exploration of user needs, enabled by telcos as a platform

June 2012

Under the Floor

(download the report)

Infrastructure vendors – so-called ‘under the floor’ players – are in good position to capture profits as industry profits migrate away from operators. The managed services that UTF players provide reduces OpEx for operators, but comes at a price: the loss of the ability to innovate

April 2012

Apple and Samsung’s profit recipe

(download the report)

More than 80% of handset profits are captured by just two companies: Apple and Samsung. Attractive profit margins seem elusive for their competitors. This edition of Mobile Insider looks at the source of profitability in the commoditized mobile phone market. Can Apple and Samsung’s recipe be replicated, or is the handset market heading for a duopoly?

March 2012

ARM – the Android of Silicon

(download the report)

As mobile device sales start to overshadow PC sales, Intel needs to enter the mobile market to survive. This edition of Mobile Insider looks at why Intel will struggle to compete against the entrenched competition in mobile semiconductors – a horizontal industry organized around the ARM ecosystem. How is ARM disrupting silicon, and which lessons can telcos learn from that?

February 2012

Web as the new Walled Garden

(download the report)

HTML5 has reached the “peak of inflated expectations” and is now coming up to the “trough of disillusionment”. Pitched as a killer of walled gardens, the reality is that a lot needs to be done before HTML5 can move from an enabling technology to a complete and viable platform

January 2012

The Future of Voice

(download the report)

How Skype and Twilio are disrupting the market, the new players entering Internet Telephony and what telcos are doing to maintain the status quo

December 2011

The Kindelization of Tablets – part 2 – Silk

(download the report)

Mobile devices are turned into complements that drive the core online retailing business by increase foot traffic, generating customer insights and expanding shelf space

November 2011

The Kindelization of Tablets – part 1

(download the report)

How the iPad and the Kindle Fire tablets differentiate themselves from each other (avoiding direct competition) and from other Android tablets


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