Distilling market noise into market sense

VisionMobile is the leading research company in the app economy. Our Developer Economics research program tracks developer experiences across platforms, revenues, apps, tools, APIs, segments and regions, via the largest, most global developer surveys.

Developer Economics

The economics of mobile development

November 2014

Developer Segmentation 2014

The 8 types of app developers, what motivates them, and how to engage them

The Developer Segmentation Q3 2014 report is the most sophisticated study of developer segments to date. The report delivers a needs-based segmentation model that actually works, based on state-of-the-art segmentation models and data from 10,000 app developers. Our segmentation is based on desired outcomes, personal motivators and success metrics, rather than bundling developers based on…

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May 2014

App Profits and Costs

The ingredients of a successful app business and how to replicate them

This research report examines the critical success factors for a profitable app, and how business and technology choices, such as app categories, revenue models, and tools, affect app profits. It also examines how expenditure on each of the four stages of app building – development, design, marketing and customer support – affects revenues and profits….

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March 2014

Business and Productivity Apps

An untapped developer opportunity

Business and Productivity Apps is a research report that explores the emerging enterprise app market and uncovers untapped opportunities for developers. The report identifies trends and opportunities in the enterprise app market, forecasts developer revenues and estimates the size of the market to 2016. Most of the publicity and media spotlights currently fall on superstar…

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February 2014

Developer Economics Q1 2014: State of the Developer Nation

...the de-facto research series tracking the trends in the app economy

The 6th edition of our ongoing Developer Economics series presents the latest trends in app development, based on our survey of over 7,000 developers. The report features in-depth analysis and insights into the key issues in the app economy, including platform prioritisation, going beyond tablets, trending revenue models, and making the right choices in developer…

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European App Economy
September 2013

The European App Economy 2013

... creating jobs and driving growth

The European App Economy is a research report analysing the relative sizes of the app market in the European Union, tracking app revenues and jobs generated by the app economy in the EU28. The report also recommends how the European Union can leverage this vibrant economy and help it grow to its full capacity. [UPDATE:…

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September 2013

Enterprise App Developer Atlas

...a map of the enterprise app developer journey

The Enterprise App Developer Atlas is a map of the developer journey, featuring 27 developer tool sectors and 480+ tools, and is aimed at helping developers make the right tool choices to reduce costs, increase revenue and capture new markets. The Atlas is meant to be viewed as a poster with two sides: one side…

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DevEcon Q3 2013
July 2013

Developer Economics Q3 2013: State of the Developer Nation

...tracking the state of mobile ecosystems, developer mindshare, monetisation trends, revenue models and tools

State of the Developer Nation is the 5th in the series of Developer Economics reports, based on the largest, most global developer survey (over 6,000 respondents from 115 countries). This report tracks the state of mobile ecosystems, developer mindshare, monetisation trends, revenue models and developer tools. [UPDATE: We have released a newer version of the…

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January 2013

Developer Economics 2013: The tools report

...developer tools - the foundations of the app economy

This is the fourth in the series of Developer Economics reports, our highly acclaimed developer research series. Besides benchmarking developer mindshare, revenue and lead platforms, this report focuses on developer tools, incl. ad-networks, back-end as a service, cross-platform tools, cross-promotion networks, user analytics, and voice services. You can also download the graphs from the report. Some…

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Developer Economics 2012 - VisionMobile
June 2012

Developer Economics 2012

...the seminal report on developers, apps and the new mobile economy

Welcome to Developer Economics 2012, the third in the report series that set the standard for developer research. This report focuses on five main areas: The redefinition of mobile ecosystems, Developer segmentation, Revenues vs. costs in the mobile economy, App marketing and distribution and Regional supply vs. demand of apps. Update: We’re currently working on the…

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February 2012

Cross-Platform Developer Tools 2012

...the quintessential report on the landscape of 100+ cross-platform developer tools

Cross-Platform Developer Tools 2012 is the seminal report on the landscape of 100+ cross-platform developer tools with an analysis of key vendors and the metrics of developer experience. Cross-Platform Tools 2012 is the first major report that analyses the complex cross-platform tools landscape, presents the key tools vendors and maps out the trends in one…

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Platforms & Ecosystems

The clash of ecosystems across screens and platforms

November 2013

How can HTML5 compete with Native?

...answering the HTML5 vs. native debate with hard data

A research report by VisionMobile, taking an in-depth look at HTML5 development, uncovering the gaps in developer tools, showcasing the four different implementation paths for the platform, and taking a data-driven approach to the HTML5 vs Native debate. There is a lot of discussion around HTML5 vs. Native, and it’s usually polarized. But most people…

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November 2011

Clash of Ecosystems

...a critical analysis of mobile platforms, from Android to webOS

The Clash of Ecosystems is a 60+ page report on everything you need to know about mobile platforms. The report offers a critical analysis of mobile platforms, comparing Android, Bada, BlackBerry OS, BREW, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone and webOS across ecosystems, positioning and business strategies. Authored and published by VisionMobile Part funded by webinos under…

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July 2011

Open Governance Index

...a new way of measuring the openness of open source projects

This research report introduces a new way of measuring the openness of open source projects. The Open Governance Index measures the true openness of eight open source projects – Android, Qt, Symbian, MeeGo, Mozilla, WebKit, Linux and Eclipse – and analyses how governance, and not licenses, tell the full story of a project’s openness, across…

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