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Mobile Business Models

Learn the rules of the ecosystem game

Dev business models
December 2013

Developer-Centric Business Models

Master the mechanics of mobile business models to launch, grow and defend your business

Developer-centric Business Models is the first-of-its-kind workshop designed for business leaders who want to decode the mechanics of developer-centric business models of the 4 disruptors – Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon – and take home the best practices and success patterns needed to get ahead of their competitors in the software era. This workshop is…

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profit recipe
June 2013

Mobile Innovation Economics

...how to use mobile ecosystems to create a sustainable competitive advantage

Mobile Innovation Economics is a strategy workshop focused on business models and asymmetric competition of mobile ecosystems. Mobile ecosystems are transforming the ways people communicate, work and play. This transformation changes the basis of competition in almost every industry and vertical. The change puts previously successful companies at risk of being trapped in an uncompetitive…

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November 2012

Telco Innovation Toolbox

...understand the new rules of asymmetric competition, and how to make the right innovation investments

“Telco Innovation Toolbox” is a strategy workshop introducing the new economic thinking necessary for successful innovation by telcos. Aimed at senior executives, this workshop combines executive training with interactive group sessions and brainstorming. Attendees will understand the impact that the new basis of competition has on telcos and will be able to apply new economic…

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September 2012

Mobile Innovation Economics Workshops 2014

When digital disruption inevitably meets your industry—as it has already for verticals as varied as telecom (Whatsapp), media (Flipboard), hospitality (AirBnB), and transport (Uber)—will you be ready? Our workshops reveal the hidden mechanics of ecosystem business models and the new basis of competition in mobile. We can help you launch, grow, and defend your business…

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Software disrupting the telco value chain

March 2014

Apps for connected cars? Your mileage may vary

The state of automotive developer programs in 2014

Car makers are now entering unfamiliar territory as some of their latest product innovations have nothing to do with driving. The basis of competition in the automotive industry is rapidly changing. Enter the age of connected cars. Apps can keep cars in tune with customer’s digital lifestyle expectations: relevant, useful and above all safe. However,…

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June 2013

M2M Ecosystem Recipe

...how Telcos can win the M2M game by playing by ecosystem rules

M2M is rapidly approaching a tipping point. Lower technological barriers pave the way for new entrants in the market. As communications specialists, telcos are in pole position to take advantage of the unprecedented growth that innovation promises, but only if they play their cards right. or contact us Ecosystem economics have proven to be a…

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December 2012

Report: Telco Innovation Toolbox

...10 economic models for managing disruption and reinventing the Telco

Telco Innovation Toolbox showcases 10 economic models on how Telcos can manage disruption and reinvent themselves. This report, produced in association with Ericsson, disseminates critical issues for Telcos, such as the OTT landscape and asymmetric business models, explaining how your company can make the right innovation investments and avoid costly mistakes. Also, take a look at…

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Ecosystem Engineering- Profit
October 2012

Mobile Insider

...the insider view of the mobile market

Mobile Insider is a monthly publication that examines under-the-radar and forward-looking trends in mobile. Each issue focuses on a specific topic distilling the insights in an easy-to-digest 5-page format. The reports offer a fresh and thought-leading perspective on the key mobile industry trends, looking at them through the lens of modern economic and strategic frameworks….

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June 2012

Beyond Siri: the next frontier in User Interfaces

...how virtual assistants are disrupting search and access to connected screens

Beyond Siri: the next frontier in User Interfaces is a critical analysis of the virtual assistants market. The report investigates key technologies and business models, the competitive landscape and the evolution of Virtual Assistants across four screens. This report includes: Virtual assistants: four generations in 20 years The evolving VA technology landscape The VA Competitive…

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