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    The largest developer community: a critical view

    Stijn Schuermans · January 21, 2019

    When developers evaluate new technologies, one of the elements they often look at is the size and strength of the community surrounding that technology. “Can I get help and support from peers when needed?” It’s one of the reasons why open source technologies tend to be so popular. Conversely, technology vendors regularly signal their virtue … Continue reading The largest developer community: a critical view

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    Virtual reality: Where did it all go wrong?

    Jo Stichbury · January 11, 2019

    In this article, I’m going to talk about how I perceive the mainstream consumer audience to have rejected virtual reality, and suggest that its child, augmented reality, may be the Slope of Enlightenment that convinces us to buy in. While these are my views alone, towards the end of the piece, I’ve dug out some … Continue reading Virtual reality: Where did it all go wrong?

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    Developer Marketing Guide: Selling It Softly

    Jo Stichbury · November 01, 2018

    Read the story behind launching our first book “Developer Marketing: The Essential Guide”. It’s a toolbox of knowledge and practical understanding. Topics covered include: running successful developer events, building and maintaining a solid community of developers, how to get the most out of email marketing, how to nurture IoT / hardware developers, how to encourage experts in your community to advocate for you, and how to create a mindset for content marketing in your organization.

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    Developer program metrics – how do you measure RoI?

    Andreas Constantinou · November 01, 2018

    In September 2018 we ran our third Future Developer Summit in Menlo Park, California. It was an unprecedented success, bringing in a net promoter score of 80. We hosted 60+ leaders in developer marketing and relations, hand-picked at Director level and up, from nearly 40 companies, from Amazon and Arm to Salesforce and Samsung. They gathered to debate best practices in developer marketing, learn, and design better developer strategies.

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